Sunday, January 09, 2005

hiccups can lick my balls

As you may have been able to tell by the title of this post, the fron tand foremost occupyer of the circle of hate and anger are "the hiccups." I hat ehtme righht now more than anything in the world. Why do they occur? Maybe a scientist could tell me but i would prolly just look him in the face and say "fuck you, how do I make them go away, assface?" He would them prolly get upset and not talk to me at which point i would have to rely onb my own knowledge, which is limited cause I am a music major. I would try to hold my breath, perhaps drink water upside down, but to no avail. I would then swear a life battle against the hiccups, and wind. I fucking hate wind. what is wind good for? Maybe for making cheap energy, but that's about it. Wind tends to always bow in my face when I need to get somewhere fast on my bike, blow continuously whenever it is already below freezing outside. I hate hte wind, but anyways i hate the hiccups. I still have them. they are making me reconsider the bagel I just ate cause I am already full and now feel like throwing up. Fuck. FUCK!!!!!! The hiccups can literally take it in the ass. If I could maybe abolish one thing in the world, it wuld prolly be the hiccups, cause I can deal with the wind in moderation, but the hiccups, never. One of my friends just IM'd me, what should I do? Not reply, that's my answer. So anyone whouo would tell me the hiccups are not so bad can lick my ass and die, you hear me?!??!?!?!?!!?!?? Die. Aight. That's it for now. I hate the hiccups, wind, and appareantly now bagel for the time being. I'm out. I hate interim, but that will prolly be another post. G' G' G', G' G' G' G', G'night folks.



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