Sunday, January 16, 2005

I was hillarious in high school!

Unfortunate Benign

I told my Mom I had a brain tumor.
She said it’s probably just a calcium buildup from where I hit my head
I said I wish it was a brain tumor
She said there’s no easy way out.

A beautiful, beautiful poem I wrote in High School. Clearly in the pre-Tad Harrington era of my life. I was writing a guide to pretension but of course my antiquated version of microsoft word managed to close itself without saving any of the gems like the advice on carrying note cards with english words you want to learn on them; even if you never learn them or use them ever, when poeple see you carrying note cards in your wallet they will instantly think you are three times as big of a jackass as you are, you jackass.

Anyway, our volleyball team "Der Deutscher" has a game tonight and You should come watch just for the chance to hear me scream "Woaah!" every time someone spikes it, dives for the ball or moves! Plus Wetzig is a grade-A setter.


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