Monday, January 17, 2005

Oh how I endlessly amuse myself

I'm posting this mostly because I use the word "quagmire" in it.

Kelly Dolan: i need your expertise
Kelly Dolan: my tv is really messed up
Kelly Dolan: the color isn't working
Me: you didnt put anything magnetic on it, did you
Kelly Dolan: not that I know of
Kelly Dolan: I got the contrast to work
Me: you need a boyfriend to do this kind of stuff, kelly... why doesnt grant do it?
Kelly Dolan: when I just put it on black and white
Kelly Dolan: but antime I try to put coolor on it , it gets those annoying rainbow things all over
Me: well whatd you do?
Kelly Dolan: i don't know
Kelly Dolan: and yes I do need a boyfriend to do this kind of stuff
Kelly Dolan: but you're all i have
Kelly Dolan: and I don't think grant knows anything about tvs
Me: kelly kelly kelly
Kelly Dolan: sorry
Me: have you tried hitting it with that long pole in your room
Kelly Dolan: haha
Kelly Dolan: i'll give you a beer
Me: what a selling point.
Kelly Dolan: it was worth a try
Me: im glad you caught my sarcasm
Kelly Dolan: thanks fo rhte compliment
Kelly Dolan: i know you really don't want to but I would really appreciate it
Me: im in my glasses.
Kelly Dolan: sexy
Me: have you tried using the scientific theory or critical thinking?
Kelly Dolan: trust me I know you would think that any person who could get an A in orgo could figure this out but joe you know me and i fail
Me: How long have you been working on this TV quagmire?
Kelly Dolan: like 20 minutes
Me: you gave up so soon!
Kelly Dolan: well I really want to watch mean girls in color
Me: you know a lot of movies were originally made in black and white.
Kelly Dolan: I see one every tues and thurs
Me: and now on mondays too, it looks like!
Me: Ill be down in a bit, you're buying me ramen if i fix it.
Kelly Dolan: deal


At 9:41 PM, Blogger dolank said...

Oh Josef,

So I haven't checked the blog in an extended period of time, probably the last month or so but the thought that you possibly took the opportunity to praise yourself for your amazing electronic knowledge compelled me to check it today. You didn't fail me the least bit, you even exceeded my expectations by posting our entire conversation which mostly consists of me begging you to help me, and you unwillingly agreeing after approximately 20 minutes. None the less I am thankful, and feel free to find me a suitable boyfriend who has the ability to fix just about anything and of course an attractive face and body. My bet is that this task is probably harder than any fix-it one I have burdened you with this year - even I doubt your ability to complete this task, mostly because I think it may be impossible but you haven't failed me yet. Thanks again Joe, I am glad that my weaknesses give you such glory and provide proof of your manhood.

Love, Kel

At 9:49 PM, Blogger Joe said...


They are not your weaknesses, per se, they are the weaknesses of all women.



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