Tuesday, January 11, 2005

"Six days does not a week make" sayeth the Lord

Now, Tad and I have been talking and, as usual, we both agree:

Positivity will be force fed to this blog, effective now!

Things I enjoy (this enumeration does not seek to limit things I enjoy, but rather to call attention to certain aspects of Human life I find pleasurable. In other words this list is definately not exhaustive and neither is the bill of rights):

1) Tad Harrington, of course. He is the Leo McGarry to my Jed Bartlett.
2) When there's 5 minutes left of class and the professor says "Well, that's it... unless anyone has any questions?" And of the 13 nerds in the class, only 6 raise their hands to point out lines from Ovid that they find "interesting" as if anyone gave 3/5ths of a damn and wouldnt rather be running to the caf to beat the rush.
3) Clean Wipes. What a time saver. You almost feel like you dont need to wash your hands... almost.
4) Finishing lunch 20 minutes earlier because Ben wasnt there.
5) Saying things as if I were Japanese, "Prease crean up mirk!!!!"
6) Those amazing bars Ben's mom made for him that I ate so many of. Definately some "tasty-ass snacks" worthy of Jesus!
7) Seeing someone who believes in Creation Theory cry
8) Ending this blog entry


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