Monday, January 17, 2005

Sorry for the "blogarrhea" but I can't help myself

Being a man, I have certain responsibilities that are true for all men: Hunt for food, scratch self inappropriately, grow facial hair and fix various things that are too complicated for women who are obsessed with shopping and boys. Now, I have yet to earn the nickname of "Larson Handi-Man," lord know's I'm closer to being called "Larson Jack-Ass," but today, I felt pretty good about my verility:

Kelly was desperate, her tv was broken and she wanted to watch Mean Girls. She knew she needed a man for the job, so she got a hold of me. To her I was an attractive prospect for the job for I had fixed her computer problems countless times before. I grudgingly accepted the challenge and headed for the 4th floor. Upon my arrival there, I fiddled with some buttons, then some wires, then the buttons again and ultimately is was fooling around with the wires that got the job done. God I was so proud of myself.

Now some of you may want to say: "Joe, You didn't fix that TV because you're such a 'man,' you fixed it because you are such a 'nerd.'"

To you, I say: "Bite me. Seriously."

Also: I think someone pooped all over the floor in our bathroom.


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