Thursday, March 24, 2005

I have lost all faith in humanity

I just saw a commercial for little fake stick on jewel things for small electronic accessories, that means ipods, cell phones, and the likes for the few morons that read this. this however isn't even close ti the reason why i have given up. I just watched had the sound off, but the shiny things caught my eye and as soon as i looked up the words "BLING it on!" flashed on the screen. These words were accompanied by the stupidest looking white girl i have ever seen. She was flanked on either side by equally idiotic lookng idiots. The word bling has now lost all meaning to me when some lame ass infomercial can so carelessly paste BLING onto a shitty product and market it with the lamest looking white girls who obviously don't even have anyone to call with their cell phones, besides their parents so they can get a picked up from the library where they are probably using their ipods to listen to outdated popular music like the the partridge family and the macarena. These are the kids that BLING up their electronics because they need to stand out in the crowd for something, and we all know it's not gonna be because of their shining personalities. Hell, it seems to me if you're gonna give something a name as shitty as Bling it up (which relaly seems like a more of an action than a name) you might as well market it with people who dont look and sound equally as awkward as my mom when they say the word BLING. And i think most of all, don't imply that something blings when it doesn't. Fuck, there is nothing i hate more than imroper use of incorrect gramer and words that are made up in the first place by chumps that you know for certain memorized their rudements and shit during their study breaks. Moral of this rant: nerds can't use slang and get away with it so don't try or else i will personally nerd slap the shit out of you.


At 3:04 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


revenge of the nerds was on today on superstation wgn. They interrupted the climx of the movie to tell me that the pope had died, which I thouhgt had happened last nite. So basically I missed Queen rocking out and that jerk-off from Married with Children getting his come-uppins so that I could be told something that I already thought I knew. This brought up a bnch of philosophical thoughts about the nature of knowledge, but then I realized I'm already devoting 50 minutes of each day to that bullshit only to get a c on the midterm so I peed all over an invalidic image of the pope on tv.

sorry to anyone whose taking this whle pope thing harder than I am. I can at least appreciate the loss of a human life regardless of whether or not I agreed with his views. But come on! Revenge of the Nerds!

At 2:34 PM, Blogger Drew *The Jawn* Salisbury said...

Hey, whats the big fucking deal. I made an anonymous post before I had a blog thing and it doesn't show up as a posted comment. My whole peeing on an invalidic pope thing was hilarious. HILARIOUS! And revenger of the nerds? I mean come on you guys. Come own.
Anyways, in response to your bling post cos apparently you're too lazy to come up with new ones. I really love those commercials. Face it, "bling" was whitenized long before those commercials. In fact, if anything, those commercials just bring light to the sad state of affairs we're at in general. Like, I don't see that commerical and think: "Wow, that commercial is really fucking shit up." I think: "Wow, our country is really fucking shit up."
And they don't hold a candle to those Hootie Burger King ones. Those joints are phenominal.


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