Tuesday, March 01, 2005

It's time

I can't even remember the last time I blogged. I think it was about hatin on napoleon wannabe's. Anyways, let me start by saying that those people still suck. And the creator and co-writer of this blog is now dangerously close to being grouped in with them now that he finally broke down and saw the movie. Also, it seems like I should start blogging again cause alot goes on in second semester. My hatred for school and everything related to it is steadily climing and is about to hit an all time high. As some of you know, a few people on the swim team are going to nationals. More than a few actually, cause we are all fuckin studs and sweet bad asses. But all that aside, it screws the shit out of my schedule. we leave the tuesday of the last week before spring break, which on our campus is also known as mid terms. For all you dimwitted suckas out there that either didn't have an education, ever, or have done everything they can to forget it, midterms mean projects, papers, and perhaps most importantly, mid term tests. Of course, no one in the music department really gives half of a shit about athletics, so I have two weeks to get three weeks worth of work done, and if that doesn't kill me, then I will do the honors myself. For those of you that don't know me that well, this is perhaps the worst thing that could happen to me because I have the unique ability to turn about an hours worth of work into about 3 hours worth. That's right, I'm a procrastinater extraordinare which is something I usually take pride in, but right now it's literally scaring the shit out of me. I'm crapping in my pants right now just thinking about it. Thank God for febreeze and Lysol. Anyways, I'm now thinking about dropping out of school and becoming one of either two things: A professional athelete, although I'm not sure what kid I'd be. Swimmer or triathlete are prolly my best bets, but that would prolly require alot more work than I think and it's also probably extremely hard to succeed in the business of professional atheltics. My second option would be to start up a recording studio. I'd more than likely have to get a job at a studio before I could own my own and that might require a degree in sound engineering or something to that effect, but it's also possible that I could just get hired based off of my good looks and all around awesomeness. I would then go on to sign extremely promising up and coming artists after I got my own studio and then drop them as soon as they hit it big so that they would never tarnish the good nname of my label with stardome. This is prbably the better option of the two because it would also allow for me to be as lazy as I wanted to be which is a definite benefit (whoa, check that rhyme!!!) I like this idea the best. That's about all I got for now. Hopefully future blogs won't be as bad as this one, but I'm still tryin to get back into the swing of things. I'm out, wada tah my damies.



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