Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Ben's droppin some knowledge

Again, it's been a while since this blag has been active. I guess it would be a lie to say that nothing has happened, but I really don't want to get into all that buulshit cause it would take too long, and you (the reader) would most likely get bored. However, this post was inspired when I overheard someone speaking in the third person today. It made me realize how lame anyone who constantly refers to themself in the third person is. It also made me realize how hard that is to do when youre not a self centered ass hole for whom it is simply natural to place yourself at the center of everything, including yourself. I hope that just made sense, but now upon further observation, I realize it surely did not. Anyways, I decided that it would be fun to try to switch into self cetered ass hole mode (which as we all know is hard for me) and refer to myself in the third person.

Speaking of assholes, Ben has been participating on an intramural ultimate frisbee team. There are many problems with this though. One, I'm on a team of swimmers. Yes we are more athletic than many of our competitor and certainly much more attrative, but alas frisbee is one of the few sports where one could weigh a hefty 250-300 pounds (of fat too, not muscle) and still be better than an olympic athlete. The problem lies within our abilities to throw a frisbee. After spending 6 short months training in a pool and doing absolutly nothing that involves any more coordination than falling off a starting block, our hand eye coordination are not what they should be and needless to say, we havent had time to stand around and throw a plastic disc back and forth, perfecing our throws. We will cling to anything that is thrown at us, but it's getting it to another person that is the real problem. Last week we suffered one of our worst losses to the team of stoners. Let Ben tell you something, that was humiliating. When a kid wearing a hippy sweater and jeans catches a pass in the endzone, it's all you can do to not jsut sit down and start crying like a little girl who just found out the trampoline she got for her birthday had to be returned because their insurance wouldnt cover stupid children jumping on spring loaded nylon.

This brings me to problem number two. The majority of people who play frisbee are gigantic douche bags. They're the kids that can't play a real sport that involves talent and/or athleticism. At least these are the kids that play at St Olaf. And again, you don't know how annoying it is to lose to kids who run a length of the field and then sub out. Especially when those are the same kids that call a foul when they are touched by anything that is attached to you (clothes, appendages, sweat, if it touched you at one point they'll call a foul on it). This brings me to......

Problem three, I honestly don't understand how a sport with the word "ultimate" in its name could be such the opposite. Yes, it's fast paced and has action packed, until contact is made with another person and they call a foul on you. This is the worst part of being on a team with swimmers, we have no idea what the rules are. so when someone calls something on us we have no idea what the hell thet're talking about. Foul? are you serious!??!? Contest it? What the fuck does that mean?!?!??! Defence is defence in my book and these pussies need to learn how to take a hit. Anyways thats my rant on this sport. As you may have noticed I abandoned the third person a while ago. It was probably for the best cause I hate anyone who talks like that and it's way way too hard to be that self centered.



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